Your workout routine can get boring from time to are some of my favorite exercises brought to you by Amanda Rose.

Work on your Plank

01  Make sure you keep your shoulders over your elbows. 

02 Draw the navel in towards the spine and make sure you don't overly arch your lower back. 

Special Tip: Squeeze the front thighs (quads) and keep the knees straight to help you hold the plank!

Swiss Ball Lunge

01  Keep your back foot on the ball and your front foot firmly planted. 

02 As you lower into the lunge, bend both knees but be sure not to let your front knee extend beyond your toes. 

03 Keep torso lifted with chest up and shoulders back.

Added Bonus: squeeze the glut and hamstring of the standing leg for a little extra tone.

V-Sit with a Twist

01  The key for this exercise is keeping the spine long and straight. So make sure you dont collapse or round the lower back.

02 It is also really important to use the breath. Every time you twist, exhale as you squeeze the obliques. 

Bonus Tip: Take your time! This is an exercise that can be done really quickly but if you slow it down, you will feel a stronger burn!


Brought to you by Amanda Rose Wellness